The Radon Inspection Process

In order to check your home’s radon levels, a series of steps need to be followed. The testing device for radon levels needs to be placed properly, and left to run for a sufficient time period, amongst other considerations. In this article we will discuss the radon inspection process.

There are two main ways to test for radon in your home. These are Short Term testing and Long Term testing.

Short Term testing is the quickest way to check for radon levels in your home. The testing apparatus remains in the home for up to 90 days, but this can also be as short as 2 days. Short term devices can be divided into two types - passive devices, which include charcoal canisters and alpha track detectors, and active devices which include continuous monitors.

Long Term testing involves the use of devices which remain in place for more than 90 days. Electret ion chambers and alpha track detectors are usually used for this type of testing. This type of radon testing will provide an accurate view of the annual radon levels of your home.

In order to properly test your home for radon, devices must be placed in the lowest portion of your home. This is to be done whether the basement is finished or unfinished. Areas such as bedrooms, play areas, dens, family rooms, and so on should all be tested. Hallways, closets, stairways, enclosed areas, or areas with high humidity do not require radon testing.

Make sure that the radon testing device is undisturbed for at least 48 hours. Heating and cooling systems can be used as normal as this only circulates the air inside the home.

Hiring a certified contractor to install a radon mitigation system will help reduce radon levels in your home’s air. At American Radon Removal, we can help install a radon mitigation system that is right for your home. We use RadonAway brand radon fans in our systems, specifically designed to remove radon gas from your home. In addition to reducing radon, a radon mitigation system can reduce the moisture level of your home’s interior, making it healthier and dryer.

If your home has tested positive for high levels of radon, give us a call or contact us here to see how we can help!